W. B. Mattes

M. D'Incalci1
I. Schuppe-Koistinen1
H. G. Kamp1
K. W. Kohn1
1M. D'Incalci
1I. Schuppe-Koistinen
1H. G. Kamp
1K. W. Kohn
1B. van Ravenzwaay
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Addressing safety concerns such as drug-induced kidney injury (DIKI) early in the drug pharmaceutical development process ensures both patient safety and efficient clinical development. We describe a unique adjunct to standard safety assessment wherein the metabolite profile of treated animals is compared with the MetaMap Tox metabolomics database in order(More)
The DNA damage and the sequence specificity of guanine-N7 alkylation produced by the novel, positively charged, antineoplastic agent 1,4-bis(2'-chloroethyl)-1,4-diazabicyclo-[2.2.1] heptane dimaleate (Dabis maleate) and its uncharged tertiary amine analogue 1,4-bis(2'-chloroethyl)-1,4-diazacyclohexane (Dabis analogue) were investigated in L1210 cells and(More)
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