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Social networks describe the pattern of intraspecific interactions within a population. An individual's position in a social network often is expected to influence its fitness, but only a few studies have examined this relationship in natural populations. We investigated the fitness consequences of network position in a wild beetle population. Copulation(More)
Ultrawideband (UWB) transmitters can soon be integrated into a wide variety of portable electronic devices (PED) that passengers routinely carry on board commercial airplanes. The aeronautical community is concerned as to whether evolving FCC UWB rules are adequate to protect legacy and emerging aeronautical radio systems from electromagnetic interference(More)
The mammalian 2009 H1N1 influenza strain appears to have a broad host range compared to many influenza strains. Naturally occurring and/or experimental infections have been documented in mice, rats, been observed for some of these species. In addition, it appears that viral shedding of this strain occurs as long as 7–8 days post infection (De Serres et al.,(More)
Many aircraft safety professionals are concerned that evolving FCC rules may foster the introduction of new wireless products that may cause harmful electromagnetic interference (EMI) to aeronautical radio systems. To address these concerns, the NASA office of space communications and chief spectrum managers assembled a multidisciplinary team from NASA(More)
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