W. B. Barker

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Since the early years of the digital computer era, there has been a continuing attempt to gain processing power by organizing hardware processors so as to achieve some form of parallel operation. One important thread has been the use of an array of processors to allow a single control stream to operate simultaneously on a multiplicity of data streams; the(More)
Data on handedness and cognitive performance in an adolescent sample of same-sex twins were collected, and questions about incidence of left-handedness in twins and the relation between handedness and cognitive performance were considered. Same-sex twins have been found to have a higher incidence of left-handedness than that usually reported in the general(More)
In June 2013 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence updated and replaced its 2004 clinical guideline 21 (CG21) on falls with clinical guideline 161 (CG161). Two priorities were outlined in the latter: preventing falls in older people (unchanged from CG21) and preventing falls in older people during a hospital stay (new). CG161 is for health(More)
Sickle-cell trait, a condition present in 7% to 9% of the United States Black population, is usually considered to be a clinically benign condition. However, there is increasing evidence to indicate the contrary, that is, the clinical pathophysiology is variable, ranging from a benign condition in most cases to a relatively few cases of severe pathological(More)