W Böker

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Autoprotective efforts of schizophrenics have hardly been systematically investigated until now, although the role of coping processes in regard to numerous psychic disorders is increasingly recognized. The investigation of autoprotective efforts, however, is of special significance in view of the different current formulations of the vulnerability stress(More)
New experimental findings show that schizophrenics, as well as some of their non-schizophrenic relatives, manifest basic cognitive disorders defined in terms of variables from the field of experimental psychology. These basic disorders can be regarded as markers--if not, indeed, as psychological manifestations--of vulnerability to schizophrenia. They can be(More)
Starting from a case of marked pain insensitivity in a patient suffering from catatonic schizophrenia we state in this paper that analgesia seems to be an ubiquitous phenomenon which is not only caused by physical disorders of the central nervous system. Different models of interpretation as to be found in scientific literature are reviewed. On the basis of(More)
There has effectively been no investigation, at a systematic empirical level, whether schizophrenics possess self-help capability. Clinical observation and self description would seem to make its existence likely. This will first be shown on hand of the pertinent clinical literature. In an own investigation, which was based on a "Model of Vulnerability"(More)
The article reports on different components of misplacement as an important problem in the psychiatric care. Basing on a census of all in-patients of the Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Bern (n = 551) different methods of evaluating misplacement are discussed. Some results of the census: - two thirds of the patients suffer from psychoses, another 13% from(More)