W Augustine Dunn

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Cuticular proteins (CPs) are structural proteins of insects as well as other arthropods. Several CP families have been described, among them a small family defined by a 51 amino acid motif [Andersen, S.O., Rafn, K., Roepstorff, P., 1997. Sequence studies of proteins from larval and pupal cuticle of the yellow meal worm, Tenebrio molitor. Insect Biochem.(More)
Numerous studies have examined changes in transcript levels after Anopheles gambiae takes a blood meal. Marinotti et al. (2006) used microarrays and reported massive changes in transcript levels 3 h after feeding (BF3h) compared to non-blood fed (NBF). We were intrigued by the number of transcripts for structural cuticular proteins (CPs) that showed such(More)
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