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Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is an application area that requires access to large supercomputing resources and generates large amounts of raw data. The UK's national lattice QCD collaboration UKQCD currently stores and requires access to around five Tbytes of data, a figure that is growing dramatically as the collaboration's purpose built supercomputing(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with heart failure frequently complain of orthopnoea. The objective was to assess the ventilatory response of patients with chronic heart failure during erect and supine exercise. DESIGN Maximal incremental exercise testing with metabolic gas exchange measurements in erect and supine positions conducted in random order. SETTING(More)
Using the finite-range regularisation (FRR) of chiral effective field theory, the chiral extrapola-tion formula for the vector meson mass is derived for the case of partially-quenched QCD. We re-analyse the dynamical fermion QCD data for the vector meson mass from the CP-PACS collaboration. A global fit, including finite lattice spacing effects, of all 16(More)
We re-analyse meson sector data from the CP–PACS collaboration's dynamical simulations [1]. Our analysis uses several different approaches, and compares the standard näive linear fit with the Adelaide Anzatz. We find that setting the scale using the J parameter gives remarkable agreement among data sets. Our predictions for the ρ and φ masses have very(More)
We present results from Monte Carlo simulations of a three dimensional fermion field theory which can be derived from a model of graphene in which electrons interact via a screened Coulomb potential. For our simulations we employ lattice gauge theory methods used in elementary particle physics. We show that the theory undergoes a second order phase(More)
  • W E Armour
  • 1979
This article deals primarily with the needs of people with a degree of mental retardation, from mild to moderately severe, who are able to live approximately normal lives with assistance by counselling, advice and family help.It has been found that they do much better living in the community, mixing with normal people, but also with access to the company of(More)