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In ecomorphology, Discriminant Function Analysis (DFA) has been used as evidence for the presence of functional links between morphometric variables and ecological categories. Here we conduct simulations of characters containing phylogenetic signal to explore the performance of DFA under a variety of conditions. Characters were simulated using a phylogeny(More)
Bovid astragali are one of the most commonly preserved bones in the fossil record. Accordingly, astragali are an important target for studies seeking to predict the habitat preferences of fossil bovids based on bony anatomy. However, previous work has not tested functional hypotheses linking astragalar morphology with habitat while controlling for body size(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o The Great Recession brought large increases in unemployment and college enrollment; we examine how changing state labor market conditions and state-specific variation in Unemployment Insurance (UI) interact to affect enrollment outcomes. We identify a substantial role of the UI program in affecting post-secondary enrollment choices. We(More)
EdPolicyWorks working papers are available for comment and discussion only. They have not been peer-reviewed. Displaced workers may not be fully aware of the federal financial aid and enrollment opportunities available to them. Indeed, incomplete knowledge of financial aid availability and eligibility during the recent recession may have limited the extent(More)
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