W. Altherr

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The synthesis of a mixture of epimeric derivatives of the peptaibol trichotoxin A-50 (G) is described. The 'azirine/oxazolone method' has been used as a superior method for the introduction of the Aib as well as the Iva units into the peptide chain. In this protocol, 2,2-disubstituted 2H-azirin-3-amines are the synthons for 2,2-disubstituted glycines, which(More)
The two segments, 1-9 and 10-16, of the peptaibol antibiotic antiamoebin I, i.e., the nonapeptide Ac-Phe-Aib-Aib-Aib-D,L-Iva-Gly-Leu-Aib-Aib-OH (15) and the heptapeptide Z-Hyp-Gln-D,L-Iva-Hyp-Aib-Pro-Pheol (34), have been prepared as mixtures of the epimers containing D,L-Iva. All α,α-disubstituted α-amino acids were introduced by the 'azirine/oxazolone(More)
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