W. Ali

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This paper describes a classification based tree detection method for autonomous navigation of forest vehicles in forest environment. Fusion of color, and texture cues has been used to segment the image into tree trunk and background objects. The segmentation of images into tree trunk and background objects is a challenging task due to high variations of(More)
Different classes of communication network topologies and their representation in the form of adjacency matrix and its eigenvalues are presented. A self-organizing feature map neural network is used to map different classes of communication network topological patterns. The neural network simulation results are reported.
We show practical feasibility of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) based indoor coverage using optical wireless communication, exploiting commercially available Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). A common LTE-Advanced signal is distributed in downlink by a visible LED, and in uplink by infrared LED (IR-LED). We demonstrate the bidirectional transmission operating in(More)
One of the most vibrant and active " new " fields today is that of ad-hoc networks. In recent years, a variety of new routing protocols targeted specifically for ad-hoc networks have been developed. Current routing algorithms are not adequate to tackle the increasing complexity of such networks and it is not clear that any particular algorithm or class of(More)
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