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Spasticity is an important complication after stroke, especially in the anti-gravity muscles, i.e. lower limb extensors. However the contribution of hyperexcitable muscle spindle reflex loops to gait impairments after stroke is often disputed. In this study a neuro-musculoskeletal model was developed to investigate the contribution of an increased length(More)
This research investigates the influence of body posture on cardiorespiratory regulation using canonical correlation analysis (CCA). Electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure (BP) were recorded on 6 subjects in supine, sitting and standing position during 8 periods of 120 s. For each period, the tachogram, the systogram, the diastogram and an ECG-derived(More)
Multibody simulations of human motion require representative models of the anatomical structures. A model that captures the complexity of the foot is still lacking. In the present work, two detailed 3D multibody foot-ankle models generated based on CT scans using a semi-automatic tool are described. The proposed models consists of five rigid segments(More)
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