W. Abmayr

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An algorithm for automatic segmentation of PAP-stained cell images and its digital implementation is described. First, the image is filtered in order to eliminate the granularily and small objects in the image which may upset the segmentation procedure. In a second step, information on gradient and compactness is extracted from the filtered image and stored(More)
The segmentation of scenes of fixed tissue sections for quantitative histopathology is the crucial step for further image processing. Different segmentation methods for the separation of nuclei, nucleoli and whole cells in methacrylate-embedded sections of rat liver were investigated. Reasonable segmentation results were obtained using a contrast-enhanced(More)
—A system for the computerized analysis of images obtained from ELM has been developed to enhance the early recognition of malignant melanoma. As an initial step, the binary mask of the skin lesion is determined by several basic segmentation algorithms together with a fusion strategy. A set of features containing shape and radiometric features as well as(More)