W. A. T. Nogueira

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We present the experimental quantum tomography of 7- and 8-dimensional quantum systems based on projective measurements in the mutually unbiased basis (MUB-QT). One of the advantages of MUB-QT is that it requires projections from a minimal number of bases to be performed. In our scheme, the higher dimensional quantum systems are encoded using the(More)
The state of spatially correlated down-converted photons is usually treated as a two-mode Gaussian entangled state. While intuitively this seems to be reasonable, it is known that new structures in the spatial distributions of these photons can be observed when the phase-matching conditions are properly taken into account. Here, we study how the variances(More)
Controlling the pump beam transverse profile in multimode Hong-Ou-Mandel interference, we generate a "localized" two-photon singlet state, in which both photons propagate in the same beam. This type of multiphoton singlet beam may be useful in quantum communication to avoid decoherence. We show that although the photons are part of the same beam, they are(More)
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