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Hypovirulent isolates of the fruit tree fungal pathogen Diaporthe ambigua have previously been shown to harbour a double-stranded (ds)RNA genetic element of about 4 kb. In this study, we established the complete cDNA sequence of this dsRNA, which represents a replicative form of a positive-strand RNA virus that we have named D. ambigua RNA virus (DaRV). The(More)
Desert Truffles of the African Kalahari: Ecology, Ethnomycology, and Taxonomy. The Khoisan people of the Kalahari Desert have used truffles for centuries. The extreme conditions in which desert truffles grow means that they fruit only sporadically when adequate and properly distributed rainfall occurs, and then only where suitable soil and mycorrhizal hosts(More)
In anamniote vertebrates the central region of the spinal cord has been implicated in its regeneration. This is a complex region and so as a first step in understanding its possible regenerative role we have examined the organization of the cells that contact the lumen of the spinal cord in two teleost fishes, eel and trout, using immunohistochemical(More)
Estimates of the numbers of spinal motoneurones in relation to growth in the eel, Anguilla, were made by counting the axons contained within the ventral roots. Motoneuronal size was determined as the surface area of cell somata labelled retrogradely from applications of tracer (horseradish peroxidase, cobalt lysine) to the musculature or spinal nerves. The(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the internal consistency and the construct validity of the Dutch version of the Supports Intensity Scale (SISNL1.0; Buntinx 2006) in individuals with physical disabilities (N=65). To investigate the construct validity, the relationship between SIS subscales and practical skills (Barthel Index; BI) was(More)
As the target musculature they innervate grows throughout life, certain segmental motoneurons from the spinal cord of Anguilla, readily identified on the basis of their form and position, also increase in size. In doing so, they present a steadily increasing target to the spinal and supraspinal neurons that innervate them. How the afferent neurons respond(More)
The transformation of the slow contracting larval m. obliquus lateralis caudalis II during metamorphosis into the asynchronous indirect flight muscle, m. obliquus lateralis dorsalis, in the Colorado beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, was examined by electron microscopy. Particular attention was paid to the fate of the larval muscle fibres, the origin and(More)
Cyclic six-membered nitronates 1 are involved in diastereoselective C-C coupling reactions with various nucleophiles in the presence of either catalytic or stoichiometric amounts of TBDMSOTf to give the previously unknown N-siloxytetrahydrooxazines. The intermediacy of N,N-bis(oxy)iminium cations was proven by NMR data.
As pervasive mobile computing becomes more of a reality the question arises whether a mobile device such as a tablet can be sufficient to serve as the sole personal computing device of a scientist. To this end the performance of an Android based tablet computer is compared to that of a Notebook. Due to its prevalence within the scientific community and its(More)