W.A. Serdijn

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A multistandard/multiband adaptive voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) satisfying the phase-noise requirements of both second- and third-generation wireless standards is described in this paper (1.8-GHz DCS1800, 2.1-GHz wide-band code division multiple access, and 2.4-GHz wireless local area network, Bluetooth, and digital enhanced cordless(More)
The codesign of an impulse generator and miniaturized antennas for ultra-wideband impulse radio is described. The impulse generator, discussed by Bragga in 2004, is designed with differential outputs that are fed to the antenna, producing an optimum match of the generator to the antenna, an improved magnitude response, and reduced ringing of the radiated(More)
A 17GHz RF receiver front-end consisting of a low-noise amplifier, dual balanced mixers, an LC voltage-controlled oscillator, and a frequency tripler implemented using a ring oscillator is presented in this paper. The measured LC-VCO phase noise is -112dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset from a 5.7GHz carrier. For a 1.3-3V range in VCO tuning voltage, the locking range(More)
An adaptive, multi-standard voltage-controlled oscillator satisfying phase-noise requirements of both 2/sup nd/ and 3/sup rd/ generation wireless standards is described (i.e., 1.8 GHz DCS1800, 2.2 GHz WCDMA, and 2.4 GHz WLAN, Bluetooth and DECT standards). A factor of 12 reduction in power consumption with a phase-noise tuning range of 20 dB is realized by(More)
A multi-standard adaptive image-reject downconverter (oscillator and dual mixers) that satisfies the basic requirements of 2/sup nd/ and 3/sup rd/ generation wireless standards (i.e., DCS1800, W-CDMA, 802.11b, Bluetooth and DECT) is presented. The adaptivity between the standards is achieved by trading RF performance for current consumption, ranging from(More)
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