W. A. Lane

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and is reprinted with permission from Lane WA. The operative treatment of fractures. I HOPE to put before you clearly and briefly my views of and experience in the treatment of simple fractures. I was originally led to resort to operative procedures by finding, from the dissection of bodies whose bones had sustained fractures, that the fragments when(More)
Continuous flow microreactors with an annular microchannel for cyclical chemical reactions were fabricated by either bulk micromachining in silicon or by rapid prototyping using EPON SU-8. Fluid propulsion in these unusual microchannels was achieved using AC magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) actuation. This integrated micropumping mechanism obviates the use of(More)
The method of extracting MOSFET model parameters using optimization offers significant advantages over classical methods of extracting model parameters sequentially. Previous work in this field has concentrated on speed of convergence rather than general applicability. Gradient following methods have been applied to this problem but difficulties arise(More)
An investigation of the fabrication of microporous silicon (MPS) layers as a material for the development of an electrolyte insulator semiconductor (EIS) capacitance sensor has been performed. The goal was to create a high surface area substrate for the immobilisation of biorecognition elements. Structural analysis of MPS layers as a function of key etch(More)
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