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OBJECTIVE To describe the characteristics of patients attending their general practitioners and complaining of fatigue or being "tired all the time." DESIGN Prospective study of cohort aged 16 years and older with follow up at two weeks and by questionnaires at two and six months. SUBJECTS 220 patients (164 women) with mean age 43 years and an age-sex(More)
BACKGROUND Few prospective studies have been carried out in primary care on patients presenting with tiredness. AIM A study was undertaken to describe patients whose main complaint was fatigue or of being "tired all the time'. METHOD Over one year, doctors in four practices in Lancashire, Mid-Glamorgan, Suffolk and Surrey recruited 220 patients aged 16(More)
OBJECTIVES To test when patients presented with fatigue whether their beliefs about its cause was related to their frequency of attending; and to measure the association between their fatigue and psychological symptoms and their frequency of attendance during the study year. DESIGN A cohort study. SETTING Primary health care. PATIENTS Patients(More)
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