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The association of alcoholism with macrocytic anaemia has lead to investigation of the role of cobalamin-dependent methionine synthase in mediating alcohol toxicity. Several studies have found that long-term ingestion of large quantities of ethanol causes inhibition of liver methionine synthase activity in vivo: however, ethanol has not been found to(More)
During 2003-2004, the University of Washington (UW) and Seattle University (SU) collaborated to build a system for cataloging compromised system images under the auspices of the Pacific Northwest Honeynet (PNW-honeynet) which is a Honeynet Project Research Alliance member group. The idea grew from the Honeynet Project's 'Forensic Challenge', a project(More)
The proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) lipid profile of Leishmania donovani was obtained in the one-dimensional and two-dimensional modes. Partial assignments of lipid classes and individual lipids were obtained purely from the proton NMR spectrum of the mixture. A more complete assignment and quantitative analysis was achieved by prior separation of(More)
The circular dichroism (CD) spectra of poly(L-lysine) in water and ethanediol/water (2:1) solutions in the temperature range -110 to 85 degrees C are presented. The results combined with vibrational CD data are interpreted in terms of a two-state conformational equilibrium with a left-handed trans polyproline II conformation being preferred at low(More)
Seven antigenic variants obtained from a single field isolate of foot-and-mouth disease virus, serotype A12, differ only at residues 148 and 153 in the immunodominant loop of viral protein VP1. Synthetic peptides corresponding to the region 141-160 are highly immunogenic. UV circular dichroism shows that (i) in aqueous solution the peptides are nearly(More)
Abstract: The solution structure of a 20 amino acid long peptide corresponding to the region 141-160 of the envelope protein Vp1 from foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) serotype A, variant A, has been determined by a combination of NMR experiments and computer calculations. The peptide contains both the immunodominant epitope as well as the sequence (RGD)(More)
Blood platelets are closely involved in the early development of atherosclerosis and in the events that lead to thrombosis, both of which are dominating factors in coronary artery disease (CAD). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the platelet lipid profiles of patients suffering from CAD and explore the possibility of a link between platelet(More)
The 21-peptide amide antibiotic gallidermin is a potential therapeutic against acne disease. It belongs to the class of polycyclic lanthionine and alpha,beta-didehydroamino acids containing polypeptides, which were named "lantibiotics." The structural gene of the recently elucidated lantibiotic gallidermin encodes a precursor peptide containing Ser, Thr,(More)
A series of lipidic morphine esters 1b-1f with enhanced membrane-like character were synthesized by coupling the lipidic amino acids 2a-2e to the phenolic hydroxyl group of the opioid analgesic morphine (1a). The antinocioceptive activity of the esters 1b-1f was determined in vivo following both iv and oral dosing. After iv administration, four of the(More)
The research described here provides one mechanism of uniting current effects of nitric oxide (NO) with the elevated levels of homocysteine detected in patients with cardiovascular and other disease. Time- and dose-dependent studies of the inhibition of purified mammalian methionine synthase by NO were performed. The in vitro study gave an effective IC50(More)