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Physicians usually fail to recognize an abnormal serum calcium level and often do not arrive at a definite conclusion about its cause. Yet hypercalcemia, even when minimal, indicates potentially serious underlying disease. This review of the records of about 12 000 adults in hospital showed a prevalence of unsuspected hypercalcemia of 1.4%, a 24% rate of(More)
The constant infusion and single injection techniques were utilized to study the kinetics of 3H-testosterone (T) metabolism in posmenopausal women with and without breast cancer. The metabolic clearance rates (mean +/- SEM) for normal postmenopausal women were 578 +/- 82 and 644 +/- 128 1/24 has obtained by the constant infusion and single injection(More)
The single injection and constant infusion techniques were utilized to study the kinetics of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) metabolism and its peripheral conversion to several other C19-steroids including C19-steroid sulfates. The MCRs (mean +/- SEM) for normal men and normal women were 1866 +/- 144 and 1901 +/- 87 liters/24 h, respectively. The single(More)
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