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Residents in the southeastern United States would hardly describe life with the aggressive imported fire ant as peaceful coexistence. The continued spread of these insects has produced agricultural problems, changes in the ecosystem, and increasing numbers of subjects with sting sequelae, including hypersensitivity reactions, secondary infections, and rare(More)
A new device is described that may be used (1) diagnostically to determine the relationship of the occlusion to tenderness in the lateral pterygoid and other muscles of mastication; (2) to relieve ischemic muscle tenderness; (3) to assist in the reduction of articular clicks; and (4) as a positioning device for the registration of physiologic interocclusal(More)
1. Occlusion, with its many ramifications, cannot be over simplified. It should not be considered so varied that a sequential and subtle analysis of its ramifications defies simplification. 2. The same mechanisms produce the correct or incorrect physiologic position of the dental units. A faulty mechanism must be recognized and all efforts made to return it(More)
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