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In this work application of IR spectra for the determination of silcooxygen ring types in framework silicates structures has been presented. Results of the spectra interpretation for cyclosilicates ('isolated' silicooxygen rings) have been adopted for the spectra of highly polymerized SiO2 structures. In such structures, silicooxygen rings are(More)
The work presents the results of application of natural clinoptilolite for immobilization of heavy metal cations (Ag(+), Pb(2+), Cd(2+) and Cr(3+)) from aqueous solutions and uses zeolite to prepare autoclaved building composites. Sorption has been conducted on sodium form of natural clinoptilolite originated from Poland. Clinoptilolite (sodium form(More)
This work presents results of FT-IR spectroscopic studies of anions-chromate, phosphate and arsenate - sorbed from aqueous solutions (different concentrations of anions) on zeolites. The sorption has been conducted on natural zeolites from different structural groups, i.e. chabazite, mordenite, ferrierite and clinoptilolite. The Na-forms of sorbents were(More)
This work presents the results of FT-IR spectroscopic studies of heavy metal cations (Ag(+), Pb(2+), Zn(2+), Cd(2+) and Cr(3+)) immobilization from aqueous solutions on natural sorbents. The sorption has been conducted on sodium forms of zeolite (clinoptilolite) and clay minerals (mixtures containing mainly montmorillonite and kaolinite) which have been(More)
The study provides the physicochemical characteristic of bosentan (BOS) in comparison to tadalafil (TA) and sildenafil citrate (SIL). Despite some reports dealing with thermal characteristic of SIL and TA, physicochemical properties of BOS have not been investigated so far. Recent clinical reports have indicated that the combination of bosentan and PDE-5(More)
The results of FT-IR spectroscopic studies of coal fly ashes, originated from various polish power plants are reported. The results of MIR investigations were compared to the X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements and chemical analyses. They are mainly composed of silica, alumina and lime. The infrared spectrum in the middle range can be used to describe both(More)
(3) zα(t) = z(t) + λ(t)ie it = z(t + α) + μ(t)ie for suitable functions λ and μ. Since the functions involved are at least of class C we observe that the given parametrization of an isoptic is of class C. It can be shown that it is a regular curve. Let us consider a tangent line to the isoptic Cα at the point zα(t) and let ξ and η denote the angles between(More)
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