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BACKGROUND Previous studies demonstrated inactivation of vitamin B12 by nitrous oxide (N(2)O). The intraoperative exposure to N(2)O was shown to induce megaloblastic anaemia and myelopathy in subjects with subclinical vitamin B12 deficiency. In contrast, no data concerning the influence of occupational exposure to N(2)O on vitamin B12 metabolic status are(More)
A 74-year-old patients is described who had typical attacks of glossopharyngeal neuralgia associated with very frequent episodes of cardiac arrest. Pacemaker implantation made possible controlling of episodes of cardiac arrest while full remission of attacks was obtained after carbamazepine treatment 900 mg daily.
OBJECTIVE AND METHODS We presented a rare case of tetanic crisis in a 23-year old mentally retarded woman with epilepsy after treatment by oxcarbazepine, the new anticonvulsant agent. We reviewed laboratory, radiographic and medical examinations and recommend a proper treatment in such cases. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION The laboratory tests revealed only(More)
Depending on surgical and anaesthesiological procedures, anaesthesia leads to a reduction of O2 uptake (VO2), CO2 production (VCO2) and resting energy expenditure (REE). A controversial discussion on the degree of metabolic depression has continued in the literature fueled by a lack of studies in patients under standardised conditions. The goal of this(More)
Anaesthesia has significant effects on circulation and oxidative metabolism which are closely related to each other. Usually there is a marked reduction of oxygen uptake (VO2) and energy expenditure. A controversial discussion on the effects of the drugs administered and the degree of metabolic depression has continued in the literature fuelled by a lack of(More)
UNLABELLED General anesthesia leads to a marked reduction in oxygen uptake (VO2), but during the recovery period O2 consumption can increase dramatically. A controversial discussion has continued in the literature concerning the role of different types of anesthesia with regard to metabolic changes. The aim of this comparative study was to evaluate the(More)
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