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The origin of the isolated secondary adrenal insufficiency is unknown in most cases. An observation of a group of over 100 patients with secondary adrenal insufficiency and coexisting autoimmune abnormalities suggests that autoimmunity could be a frequent cause of idiopathic secondary failure, similarly as in Addison's disease. We studied 176 patients with(More)
This study aimed at evaluating the frequency of autoimmune disorders in Addison's disease. We have observed 180 patients (113 females, 67 males, aged 9-74 years) for 1 to 26 years. Tuberculosis was noted in 54 patients. Autoimmune disorders were found in 80 patients (44%); however, 125 (69%) patients were believed to have an autoimmune origin of(More)
OBJECTIVE Addison's disease is frequently a component of autoimmune polyendocrinopathies while secondary adrenal insufficiency associated with autoimmune disorders is believed to be a rare event. We present a series of patients with secondary adrenal insufficiency coexisting with autoimmune diseases and/or antithyroid autoantibodies. DESIGN AND PATIENTS(More)
The 3H-thymidine labeling index (TLI) and the percentage of cells in the S-phase have been determined by autoradiography and by flow cytometry, (FCM), respectively, in six malignant tumors of human origin transplanted on athymic nude mice. The Dean and Jett model and the graphical model were used to determine the percent of S-phase cells by FCM. Cell cycle(More)
We have determined the incidence of autoimmune thyroid disorders in patients with Addison's disease. The material comprised 212 patients, 128 women and 84 men, aged 9-74 years. In 58 patients tuberculosis and in six patients other adrenal disorders were diagnosed. In the remaining 148 patients the auto-immune mechanism was the most probable cause of(More)