Włodzimierz Łukasik

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Sediments from eight river mouths along the Catalonian coast (Spain) were surveyed for keratinolytic fungi and related Onygenales. The actidione plating technique was employed. Of 532 actidione-treated sediment samples, 268 (50.3%) were positive for the fungi. Altogether, 384 fungal strains from 35 species were isolated from the samples. Narasimhella(More)
The effect of Cd on the mycelial growth of some potentially pathogenic soil fungi was investigated. Sixty-four strains from twenty-five fungal species were tested for their susceptibility to Cd. Final colony diameter, radial growth rate and final dry mass of mycelium (for Cd: 1–200 ppm) were measured. EcD50 values were calculated from these parameters. The(More)
The purpose of this study was to describe changes in the deposition of air pollutants and the response of spruce trees in the period of 1998–2005. The investigation was carried out in twelve sites, mainly national parks. Air pollution level, that is, SO2, NO2, and O3 concentrations in the air, as well as throughfall and soil solution chemical composition(More)
The paper presents results of screening analysis of all Polish national parks (23) contamination with Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn on the basis of a three-level characteristic of heavy metal presence in Norway spruce stands: accumulation on the needle surface, concentration of heavy metals in spruce needles and concentration of bioavailable heavy metals in the soil.(More)
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