Vytautas Rudzionis

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Better discrimination of phonemic units still remains one of the most important problems in automatic speech recognition. Direct phoneme recognition in speaker independent automatic speech recognition systems is unable to provide good enough recognition results. There is made an assumption that better results could be achieved through the recognition of(More)
In this paper, we propose a computational architecture for multimodal comprehension of text and graphics. A theoretical account of the integrated conceptual structures induced by linguistic and graphical entities is presented. We exemplify these structures with the analysis of an excerpt from a report published by Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO).(More)
Speaker independent discrimination of four confusable consonants in the strictly fixed context of six vowels is considered. The consonants are depicted by features of consonant's stationary part and changing rate of features (delta features) in transition from consonant to the following vowel. The mel frequency cepstrum (MFCC), linear prediction cepstrum(More)
Contents Preface iv Unimodal and multimodal co-activation in first encounters – a case study Jens Allwood and Jia Lu 1 Use of other-repetitions/reformulations as feedback by foreign and Swedish physicians in medical consultations Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström 10 Synchrony and copying in conversational interactions Kristiina Jokinen and Siiri Pärkson 18 Head(More)