Vytautas Blechertas

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—A new concept of nonparametric signal detection and classification technique is proposed using mutual information measures in the time–frequency domain. The time– frequency-based self-information and mutual information are defined in terms of the cross time–frequency distribution. Based on time–frequency mutual information theory, this paper presents(More)
rotorcraft Vibration Management Enhancement Program. The paper gives an analysis of the CBM concept and its functional layers, such as condition monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics and health management systems, followed by diagnosis and prognosis enabling technologies and concepts; followed by research and development of Health and Usage Monitoring(More)
— Accelerometer data has been gathered from accelerated conditioning in grease lubricated and lubrication deprived gear meshes in AH-64 helicopter intermediate and tail rotor gearbox, which are commonly problematic components of the Apache helicopter platform. These tests were performed in a controlled drive-train research test bed, simulating drive-train(More)
In critical conditions, gears operate with insufficient lubrication and efforts are made to improve the life of these gears against wear. A local gear-tooth defect such as a fatigue crack, pit, or chip weakens a tooth and causes transient events in the system. The magnitude and duration of these events depend mainly upon the severity of the defect and the(More)
This paper deals with changes in the rheological properties of the grease used in the tail rotor and intermediate gearboxes of the Apache AH-64 helicopter when subjected to simultaneous mechanical and thermal loads within the operating temperature limits. From the steady shear rate sweep experiments on grease samples extracted from gearboxes, it was(More)
This paper outlines ongoing and future efforts put forward by the Condition-Based Maintenance (IVHMS-HUMS)) by rationalization of condition monitoring and data analysis techniques for CBM of drive train components of AH-64 and UH-60 model aircraft. The proposed research is characterized by an advanced signal processing technique that can quantify(More)
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