Vyatcheslav V. Kalashnikov

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Regenerative events for different queueing models are considered. The aim of this paper is to construct these events for continuous-time processes if they are given for the corresponding discrete-time model. The construction uses so-called renovative events revealing the property of the state at time n of the discrete-time model to be independent (in an(More)
Possibility of ortho-, para-, meta-methylphenyl and methoxyphenyl-derivates of MPTP to produce parkinsonism was investigated. Only ortho-methylphenyl- and ortho-methoxyphenyl-derivates of MPTP cause a persistent loss in dopamine content in the brain and produced the clinical symptoms of parkinsonism. All substances produced Parkinsonian-like syndrome gives(More)
Embryonic prealbumin (E.P.A.) was demonstrated by agar immunodiffusion in 122 out of 505 homogenates of various tumours and in 7 out of 20 serum samples from patients with connective-tissue tumours. Analogous antigen was found in human embryonic and adult cultured fibroblasts. This newly identified antigen is probably actively secreted by fibroblasts into(More)
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