Vyacheslav Volkov

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We explore the structure and orientation of N-terminal (23 amino acids) of HIV gp41 envelop protein at the interface of a phospholipid monolayer. Using surface specific sum frequency generation, we probe the response of the Amide I vibrational states of the protein, and compare the experimental results to the modeled response of several secondary structures(More)
While tetracyclines are in active medical use, their bioactive atomic compositions are still questionable. Here, we investigate the structural properties of neutral tetracycline in dimethyl sulfoxide - the environment used often to mimic the environment in vivo. We compare the measured linear and nonlinear infrared spectra to those calculated for a(More)
The residual water and dry matter condition in the lyophilized biomass of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was studied by NMR-relaxation technique. It was shown that the slow component of the transverse magnetization NMR signal spectrum corresponding to the so-called "isolated mobile water" was caused in fact by the interaction of the disaccharide(More)
Monolayers of iron oxide nanoparticles of two different sizes, 9.6 nm and 16.5 nm, were fabricated through electrophoretic deposition. The arrangements of nanoparticles within the films were analyzed using the technique of Voronoi tessellations. These analyses indicated that the films possessed equivalent degrees of ordering, and that the films were uniform(More)
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