Vyacheslav V. Mizgulin

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An endoscopic diagnosis of superficial epithelial neoplastic gastric lesions and early gastric cancer is the challenge of medicine today. It remains at a low level without the use of modern endoscopic technologies such as HDTV and magnifying endoscopy, narrow band imaging (NBI) and similar image-enhanced endoscopic methods, which provide the visualization(More)
This paper presents a new method for detecting scale invariant interest point from region of interest on NBI endoscopy images. This work is related to design of decision support systems in the area of gastrointestinal endoscopy with image classication facility. The use of a computer-based system could support the doctor when making a diagnosis and help to(More)
This paper proposes the method for analysis and subsequent recognition of stomach mucosal changes by video endoscopy, including real time mode. The method is based on the parallel use of image analysis algorithms and a neural network. The model for the quantitative estimate of changes in the mucosal microstructure is proposed. The paper performs the(More)
Modern endoscopic techniques allow a precise diagnosis of superficial epithelial lesions of the stomach and colon and predict their histological structure. Currently, there are a variety of endoscopic classifications based on the use of magnifying endoscopy and NBI for superficial epithelial lesions according to their morphology. For differential diagnosis(More)
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