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Exception handling is one of the popular means used for improving dependability and supporting recovery in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). This practical experience paper presents the results of error and fault injection into Web Services. We summarize our experiments with the SOA-specific exception handling features provided by the two development(More)
Achieving high dependability of Web Services (WSs) dynamically composed from component WSs is an open problem. One of the main difficulties here is due to the fact that the component WSs can and will be upgraded online, which will affect the dependability of the composite WS. The paper introduces the problem of component WS upgrade and proposes solutions(More)
is paper reports our practical experience of benchmarking a complex System Biology Web Service, and investigates the instability of its behaviour and the delays induced by the communication medium. We present the results of our statistical data analysis and distributions which fit and predict the response time instability typical of Service-Oriented(More)
This paper reports our experience in benchmarking a cloud-based web-service and investigates instability of its performance and the delays induced by the communication medium when measured from multiple client locations. We compare the performance of MS Azure, Go Grid and an in-house server running the same benchmark web service and analyze how the client(More)
In this paper we present our practical experience in benchmarking a number of existing Web Services, and investigating the instability of their performance and the delays induced by the communication medium. We provide the results of statistical data analysis and discuss a technique of Web Services performance assessment taking out of the network delays. We(More)
Abstr act This paper puts forward a generic intrusion-avoidance architecture to be used for deploying web services on the cloud. The architecture, targeting the IaaS cloud providers, avoids intrusions by employing software diversity at various system levels and dynamically reconfiguring the cloud deployment environment. The paper studies intrusions caused(More)
Dependability and security analysis of the industrial control computer-based systems (ICS) is an open problem. ICS is a complex system that as a rule consists of two levels - supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and programmable logic controllers (PLC) and has vulnerabilities on both levels. This paper presents results of the SCADA-based ICS(More)