Vyacheslav M. Nesterov

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One of the main objectives of interval computations is. given the function fxn). Traditional methods of interval arithmetic compute an mM, a'ure Y _D # fi~r the desired interval :9, an end(tsure that is often an overestimatilm. It is desirable to know how dose this enck~sure is to the desired range interval. For that purlx)~, we develop a new interval(More)
Professor Dr. Gregory Menshikov was born in St.Petersburg (then Leningrad) in 1931. His childhood was greatly affected by the Second World War. Like many other kids from Leningrad, Gregory was evacuated from the city to the Moscow region. After the war, he returned back, finished high school, and entered the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of the(More)
The known methods for acetylation using catalytic amounts of sulfuric acid and the ion exchange resin Vionite CS-2 result in very considerable shortening of the duration of the reaction, but under these conditions the consumption of II is increased nearly twofold [3]. In addition to acidic catalysts, the hydrates of certain divalent metal oxides and their(More)
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The main reaction is usually accompanied by hydrolysis of (II), this hydrolysis being accelerated by reducin Z ~he concentration of alkali and increasing the temperature [i]. In addition, a compact film of the sodium salt of (I) forms on the surface of aggregates of (!i) preventing contact of the alkali with the starting material. Its solubility decreases(More)