Vyacheslav Kharchenko

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This paper describes an approach for increasing the effectiveness of mobile software system testing. A Cloud Testing of Mobile Systems (CTOMS) framework is presented in the form of a cloud service that provides the ability to run tests on a variety of remote mobile devices. This framework is based on a heterogeneous networked system that connects(More)
The proposed method is based on estimating software modules' complexity by means of metrics. Indices of source code complexity are the input data for the method. Ranged selection software modules with faults form the output data for the method. The verification of the method has been performed on the basis of representative selection of experimental data(More)
In this paper, a concept of designing the post-emergency system for monitoring the equipment and territory of nuclear power plant after a severe accident was developed. Power and communications network lines are found out as the most vulnerable ones during the accident monitoring, and self-descriptiveness and survivability and veracity are recognized as(More)
Solving of tasks for Cloud Computing is impossible without maintaining of high availability level of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud. Several large IaaS Cloud providers try to solve this problem by means of increasing number of physical machines (PMs) in multiple pools. However, migrations of available PMs from one pool to another and also repairs,(More)
Reliability design of fault-tolerant computer-based systems with version structural redundancy and multiply software updates involves solving number of issues. This paper outlines an availability model of the computer-based systems which shows the algorithm for reliability behavior. For various configurations of the computer-based systems, the use of the(More)
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