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Experiments were conducted on rats to study the dynamics of changes of the heart contractile function (CF) and some indices of myocardial energy metabolism during adaptation to moderate continuous 15-day stress. After 24 hours of stress a complex of shifts typical of an acute stress syndrome (mobilization of CF, reduction of the content of glycogen and(More)
The KDM4 histone demethylases are conserved epigenetic regulators linked to development, spermatogenesis and tumorigenesis. However, how the KDM4 family targets specific chromatin regions is largely unknown. Here, an extensive histone peptide microarray analysis uncovers trimethyl-lysine histone-binding preferences among the closely related KDM4 double(More)
AIM To evaluate the preventive efficacy of the Russian antiviral drug ingavirin (vitaglutam) in the epidemiological foci with the peak incidence of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). SUBJECTS AND METHODS Four hundred men and women aged 18 to 65 years from the epidemic foci of ARVI who had been in close daily contact with the patients whose(More)
We examined heart tolerance of rats, that had been exposed to two-month social stress, to acute overload caused by aortic coarctation and investigated physiological doses of thyroid hormones used to treat stress-induced tolerance changes. Cardiac contractility of rats adapted to chronic stress and exposed to overload was similar to that of controls and the(More)
Adaptation of the heart of hypokinetic rats to sustained afterload and the role of nervous regulation in this process were investigated. The experimental rats were subdivided into four groups: 1) control, 2) hypokinesia for 64 days, 3) coarctation of aorta for 4 days, and 4) hypokinesia for 60 days plus coarctation of aorta for 4 days. It was found that the(More)
According to the authors' findings among 1027 children operated upon for appendicitis 61 children had diseases not related with inflammation of the appendicular process. Mesenterial lymphadenitis was observed intraoperatively in 34 cases, pneumococcic peritonitis-in 15, invagination of the small and large intestine-in 3, diverticulitis of Meckel's(More)
It was shown that high-frequency electromagnetic field increases the conductivity of ionic channels formed by the synaptic membrane fragments, which bind glutamate, in a bilayer lipid membrane. Heating of the whole electrolyte in a cell, under the effect of the electromagnetic field applied, was minor to be responsible for the effects observed.
It was established in experiments on rats exposed to 5 day stress that 1 day stress resulted in a twofold decreased heart fibrillation threshold (HFT) and 5 day stress resulted in bradycardia and in the restoration of HFT to the control level. The restoration of the heart electric stability was due to an increased vagal tone because atropine eliminated the(More)