Vyacheslav G. Morozov

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A total of 678 small mammals representing eight species were trapped in western Siberia in 1999-2000 and assayed for the presence of hantaviruses. Eighteen animals, all Clethrionomys species, were(More)
The influence of the polypeptide factors extracted from thymus, pineal gland, bone marrow, anterior hypothalamus, brain cortex or brain white substance on N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU)-induced(More)
Female SHR mice, aged 3.5 or 12 months, were exposed monthly to 5-day long courses of subcutaneous injections of 0.1 mg thymus-derived or pineal gland-derived polypeptide factors (TF and PF,(More)
The low-molecular-weight polypeptide factors were obtained from bovine thymus (TF), pineal gland (PF) and anterior hypothalamus (AHF). Both TF and PF administration enhanced the rejection of skin(More)