Vyacheslav Chesnokov

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We propose to study the spin azimuthal asymmetries in Deep Virtual Comp-ton Scattering (DVCS) using the upgraded CEBAF GeV polarized electron beam, a transversely polarized HD-Ice target, and the CLAS12 detector. The main focus of the experiment will be the measurement of the target single spin asymmetry in the reaction ep ↑ → epγ. Azimuthal moments in the(More)
We propose to study azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive electroproduc-tion of pions using the JLab 12 GeV polarized electron beam and the CLAS12 detector with an unpolarized hydrogen target. The measurement of the cos 2φ azimuthal moment of the cross section, in particular, will probe the Collins fragmentation function and will also provide information(More)
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