Vyacheslav Andreev

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  • The Selex, Collaboration M Iori, N Akchurin, V A Andreev, A G Atamantchouk, M Aykac +119 others
  • 1999
The SELEX experiment (E781) is 3-stage magnetic spectrometer for a high statistics study of hadroproduction of charm baryons out to large x F using 650 Gev Σ − , π − and p beams. The main features of the spectrometer are: a high precision silicon vertex system, powerful particle identification provided by TRD and RICH, forward Λ s decay spectrometer and(More)
The low-temperature orientationaly ordered crystalline phase of fullerene C 60 was investigated in dependence on the external pressure. The vibrational spectrum of C 60 crystal was calculated using the group theory and atom-atom potentials methods. The frequencies of inter-molecular modes as the functions of external pressure were studied. An assumption was(More)
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