Vwani P. Roychowdhury

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High-dimensional data sets generated by high-throughput technologies, such as DNA microarray, are often the outputs of complex networked systems driven by hidden regulatory signals. Traditional statistical methods for computing low-dimensional or hidden representations of these data sets, such as principal component analysis and independent component(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel independent component analysis (ICA) algorithm, which is truly blind to the particular underlying distribution of the mixed signals. Using a nonparametric kernel density estimation technique, the algorithm performs simultaneously the estimation of the unknown probability density functions of the source signals and the(More)
To exploit a heterogeneous computing (HC) environment, an application task may be decomposed into subtasks that have data dependencies. Subtask matching and scheduling consists of assigning subtasks to machines, ordering subtask execution for each machine, and ordering intermachine data transfers. The goal is to achieve the minimal completion time for the(More)
Cells adjust gene expression profiles in response to environmental and physiological changes through a series of signal transduction pathways. Upon activation or deactivation, the terminal regulators bind to or dissociate from DNA, respectively, and modulate transcriptional activities on particular promoters. Traditionally, individual reporter genes have(More)
Abstract. We develop a strong connection between maximally commuting bases of orthogonal unitary matrices and mutually unbiased bases. A necessary condition of the existence of mutually unbiased bases for any finite dimension is obtained. Then a constructive proof of the existence of mutually unbiased bases for dimensions that are powers of primes is(More)
Recent studies showed that conventional approaches being used to solve problems imposed by hard-wired metal interconnects will eventually encounter fundamental limits and may impede the advance of future ultralarge-scale integrated circuits (ULSIs). To surpass these fundamental limits, we introduce a novel RF/wireless interconnect concept for future(More)
Routing channels in a field-programmable gate array contain predefined wiring segments of various lengths. These may be connected to the pins of the gates or joined end-to-end to form longer segments by programmable switches. The segmented channel routing problem is formulated, and polynomial time algorithms are given for certain special cases. The general(More)
In this paper, we propose a distributed parallel support vector machine (DPSVM) training mechanism in a configurable network environment for distributed data mining. The basic idea is to exchange support vectors among a strongly connected network (SCN) so that multiple servers may work concurrently on distributed data set with limited communication cost and(More)