Vural Kara

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Single-crystal diamond nanomechanical resonators are being developed for countless applications. A number of these applications require that the resonator be operated in a fluid, that is, a gas or a liquid. Here, we investigate the fluid dynamics of single-crystal diamond nanomechanical resonators in the form of nanocantilevers. First, we measure the(More)
We show the dielectrophoretic actuation of single-crystal diamond nanomechanical devices using gradient radio-frequency electromagnetic forces. Both cantilever and doubly clamped beams, fabricated using our angled-etching fabrication technique,1 are demonstrated, with operation frequencies ranging from a few MHz to ∼50 MHz. Frequency tuning and parametric(More)
We explore the scaling behavior of an unsteady flow that is generated by an oscillating body of finite size in a gas. If the gas is gradually rarefied, the Navier-Stokes equations begin to fail and a kinetic description of the flow becomes more appropriate. The failure of the Navier-Stokes equations can be thought to take place via two different physical(More)
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