Vuong Thanh Tung

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We present the design and implementation of mailVis, an interactive visual interface for email boxes that facilitates refinding of emails. Email re-finding tasks can be challenging, involving scanning of many emails and modifying the query as the search progresses. We designed mailVis for such tasks in which the user would benefit from having memory clues(More)
We investigate to what extent it is possible to infer a user’s work tasks by digital activity monitoring and use the task models for proactive information retrieval. Ten participants volunteered for the study, in which their computer screen was monitored and related logs were recorded for 14 days. Corresponding diary entries were collected to provide(More)
We demonstrate proactive information retrieval via screen surveillance. A user's digital activities are continuously monitored by capturing all content on a user's screen using optical character recognition. This includes all applications and services being exploited and relies on each individual user's computer usage, such as their Web browsing, emails,(More)
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