Vuong Nguyen

Aaron C. Greenville2
Glenda M. Wardle2
Chris R. Dickman2
2Aaron C. Greenville
2Glenda M. Wardle
2Chris R. Dickman
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Financial innovations are a common explanation of the rise in consumer bankruptcies. To evaluate this story, we develop a simple model that incorporates two key frictions: asymmetric information about borrowers' risk of default and a fixed cost to create each contract offered by lenders. Innovations which reduce the fixed cost or ameliorate asymmetric(More)
Implementations of advanced information systems in developing countries are often perceived as a way to economical prosperity and modernity. However, even in the best of scenarios implementing major information systems is far from a risk-free activity. The reality of developing countries adds extra complexity to an already demanding endeavor. This study(More)
Resources are seldom distributed equally across space, but many species exhibit spatially synchronous population dynamics. Such synchrony suggests the operation of large-scale external drivers, such as rainfall or wildfire, or the influence of oasis sites that provide water, shelter, or other resources. However, testing the generality of these factors is(More)
Changes in vegetation cover are strongly linked to important ecological and environmental drivers such as fire, herbivory, temperature, water availability and altered land use. Reliable means of estimating vegetation cover are therefore essential for detecting and effectively managing ecosystem changes, and visual estimation methods are often used to(More)
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