Vuokko Antonini

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A patient with congenital protein-C deficiency was treated with stanozolol for 8 weeks to increase circulating levels of protein C. A rise in protein C was achieved, accompanied by an increase in factor II, factor X, antithrombin III, and protein S; but at the 8th week the patient suffered a transient ischemia attack.
Previous studies have reported that selective sigma-1 agonists may improve cognitive abilities in experimental animals possibly via a cholinergic mechanism. However, the issue of a direct action on to sigma-1 receptors in memory-related brain areas has been much less investigated. The newly synthetised compound(More)
In chronic respiratory insufficiency secondary erythrocytosis (SPC), causing pulmonary hypertension and dx ventricular insufficiency, is often noticed. An alternative therapy to phlebotomy for SPC is isovolemic large volume erythrocytapheresis performed with cell separator (CSE) in order to quickly remove a large volume of red blood cells (RBC) while saving(More)
Sigma-1 receptor agonists have recently attracted much attention as potential therapeutic drugs for cognitive and affective disorders, however, it is still unclear whether they act via modulation of transmitter release or activation of sigma-1 receptors in memory-related brain regions. In the present study,we have investigated the anti-amnesic and(More)
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