Vundavalli Srinivasarao

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This paper summarizes the participation of IIIT-H in the CLEF 2008 interactive task. Our goal was to mine the logs and extract conclusions about the behavior of users when facing a strictly multilingual information access task. We are provided the search logs which are generated by an online game, known-item image retrieval from Flickr. In this paper we(More)
In this paper, we describe the IIITH retrieval system used for the ImageCLEF Wikipedia MM task. The system automatically ranks the most similar images to a given textual query. The system preprocesses the data set in order to remove the non-informative terms. For each query, the system finds a ranked list of its most similar images using the textual(More)
The number of images on the World Wide Web has been increasing tremendously. Providing search services for images on the web has been an active research area. Web images are often surrounded by different associated texts like ALT text, surrounding text, image file-name, html page title etc. Many popular internet search engines make use of these associated(More)
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