Vu Van Thong

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In this article the authors describe how genetic optimization algorithms can be used to find the optimal size and location of distributed generation units in a residential distribution grid. Power losses are minimized while the voltage profile is kept at an acceptable level. The method is applied on a system based on an existing grid topology with(More)
This paper aims to investigate the influence of distributed generation (DG) on the voltage and angle stability of the transmission system. An existing transmission system and different DG technologies at adequate penetration levels are modelled using the well-known Eurostag software package. The simulation methodology is discussed as well. The results show(More)
The contribution of small distributed generation (DG) in power generation is significant nowadays. The influence of DG on the system operation protocol is increasing with the increase of the DG penetration level in the power system. However, DG is still treated as negative load. How to use it in an active way is still an open question. DG is not only(More)
Owing to technology innovations, electricity market liberalization and environmental concern, many small-scale generators, or distributed generation (DG), using both renewable energy and fossil fuel resources, are rapidly brought to the power networks. The connection of DG may change the operation and the topology of distribution systems. This may influence(More)
Many recent blackouts might raise a concern on how the introduction of distributed energy resources or distributed generation (DG) into the network influences its secure operation in terms of dynamic performance. The anti-islanding criteria of DG may harm the secure operation of the power system. In this paper, the maximum penetration level of DG is(More)
Sub-Saharan African countries are today confronted with the problem of urban and demographic growths thus needing to reach a sustainable rate of positive economic growth. In order to meet this sustainability, many reforms are being carried out among which is the energy sector which will lead to future energy supply in an open globalised energy market as(More)
Distributed generation (DG) is playing an increasing role not only in electric power generation, as backup sources to increase the supply reliability, but also as a possible source providing ancillary services for grid support. The penetration level of DG in some particular power systems is high and growing, leading to a great concern how to employ DG in an(More)
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