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Quality assessment of an interferon-gamma release assay for tuberculosis infection in a resource-limited setting
BackgroundWhen a test for diagnosis of infectious diseases is introduced in a resource-limited setting, monitoring quality is a major concern. An optimized design of experiment and statistical modelsExpand
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Oleanane-type saponins from Glochidion glomerulatum and their cytotoxic activities.
Eight oleanane-type saponins, glomerulosides A-H, were isolated from leaves of Glochidion glomerulatum. All isolated compounds were evaluated for cytotoxic activity on four human cancer cell lines,Expand
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Sesquiterpenes from the Vietnamese Marine Sponge Dysidea Fragilis
Two new sesquiterpenes, named dysinidins A-B (3, 4) along with two known sesquiterpenes, furodysinin lactone (1) and O-methyl furodysinin lactone (2), were isolated from the Vietnamese marine spongeExpand
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Iridoids and cycloartane saponins from mussaenda pilosissima valeton and their inhibitory NO production in BV2 cells.
One new iridoid glycoside (1), shanzhiside N-L-phenylalanyl ester along with seven known compounds, mussaenoside (2), shanzhiside methyl ester (3), barlerin (4), mussaendodise G (5), mussaendodise UExpand