Vu S Dedkov

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We report an element-specific investigation of electronic and milgnetic properties of the graphene/ Ni(111) system. Using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism, the occurrence of an induced magnetism of the carbon atoms in the graphene layer is observed. We attribute this magnetic moment to the strong hybridization between C 'TT and Ni 3d valence band states.(More)
Regularly sized Ni nanoclusters (NCs) have been grown on a graphene Moire on Rh(J 11). Using scanning tunneling microscopy, we determine that initial growth of Ni at 150 K leads to preferential nucleation of monodispersed NCs at specific sites of the Moire superstructure. However, a defined long-range ordering of NCs with increasing coverage is not(More)
Putative open reading frames of MD-endonucleases have been identified in Enterobacteria genomes as a result of the search for amino acid sequences homologous to MD-endonuclease BisI. A highly conserved DNA primary structure of these open reading frames in different genera of Enterobacteria (Escherichia, Klebsiella and Cronobacter) has allowed researchers to(More)
  • V. S. Dedkov
  • 2012
A novel M.BstC8I DNA methylase was detected in cell lysate of Bacillus stearothermophilus C8 grown on Luria agar at 37°C. DNA methylation of bacteriophages λ and T7 in the 5′-G(m5C)NNGC-3′ segment blocked the activity of the BstC8I restrictase. The specificity of the M.BstC8I was analyzed on methylated λ DNA and using computer modeling and the data on the(More)
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