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We describe our vision of a multiple mobile or wearable device environment and share our initial exploration of our vision in multi-wrist gesture recognition. We explore how multi-device input and output might look, giving four scenarios of everyday multi-device use that show the technical challenges that need to be addressed. We describe our system which(More)
Ketamine associated urinary dysfunction has become increasingly more common worldwide. Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is an established modality for diagnosing hydronephrosis in the emergency department. We describe a case of a young male ketamine abuser with severe urinary urgency and frequency in which POCUS performed by the emergency physician(More)
If researchers use tags in retrieval applications they might assume, implicitly, that tags represent novel information, e.g., when they attribute performance improvement in their retrieval algorithm(s) to the use of tags. In this work, we investigate whether this assumption is true. We focus on the use of tags in domain-specific websites because such(More)
INTRODUCTION Ketamine induced urinary dysfunction (KAUD) is a syndrome first described in the literature in 2007. Patients suffer from irritative lower urinary tract symptoms and can develop varying degrees of hydronephrosis and interstitial cystitis. We describe a case of a young man with a history of heavy ketamine abuse who presented to the emergency(More)
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