Vsevelod Belousov

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Phosphorylation of translation initiation factor 2α (eIF2α) attenuates global protein synthesis but enhances translation of activating transcription factor 4 (ATF4) and is a crucial evolutionarily conserved adaptive pathway during cellular stresses. The serine-threonine protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) deactivates this pathway whereas prolonging eIF2α(More)
With all powdered mate r ia l s , an increase in compacting p re s su re leads to an increase in the s trength and density of the tablets. In the f i rs t stage of compacting, a smal l increase in p r e s s u r e resul ts in a cons iderable increase in density. On increas ing the compacting p r e s s u r e , the increase in density result ing f rom the p r(More)
1. The limiting wear at the die hole walls in tableting a citramon preparation of given particle size distribution was equal to 20–25μ. 2. The wear of dies made from grade Kh12M steel was less by a factor of 3 and 2.5 respectively than that of grades 20Kh and KhVG steels. 3. The optimal diametral clearances between the punch caps and the dies for a diameter(More)
i. V.V. Nedin and O. D. Neikov, in: Prevention of Sudden Inflammation of Powders and Explosions of Gas-Dispersed Systems [in Russian], Kiev (1975), pp. 92-101. 2. G.T. Zemskii and V. V. Zhukov, in: Problems of Combustion and Extinction of Fires [in Russian], Moscow (1975), pp. 125-127. 3. V.T. Monakhov, Methods of Studying Fire Hazards of Compounds [in(More)
In countries with a developed chemical pharmaceutical industry, tablets and dragees account at present for 40-50% of the total output of medicinal forms. Nevertheless~ the technology of the preparation of tablets has changed little in the course of years , and almost all the tablets and dragees are prepared from granulated powders. In foreign countries and(More)
The volume and number of powder materials which are tabletted increase each year, and the requirements with respect to the quality of the pressing compacts increase. The quality of ready pressing compacts depends on many parameters: the size and form of the particles, the granulometric and chemical composition of the powder, its water content, the number(More)