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Library OSes are a promising approach for applications to efficiently obtain the benefits of virtual machines, including security isolation, host platform compatibility, and migration. Library OSes refactor a traditional OS kernel into an application library, avoiding overheads incurred by duplicate functionality. When compared to running a single(More)
Recently, it is observed that data mining technique may come across two problems-potential discrimination and potential privacy violation. Discrimination occurs as a result of use of discriminatory datasets for data mining tasks. Privacy violation occurs if a person's sensitive information is displayed to an unauthorized entity as a result of data(More)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology makes customer service 24 × 7 and cost effective and has been used by most customer facing enterprises. While effective, IVRs requires inputs to be keyed in using a touch tone phone, constraining the type of information that can be input. For this reason customers in general choose to speak with a human(More)
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