Vrunda Sheth

Sarah Stanley3
Christina A. Bormann Chung2
Clarence C. Lee2
Truston J. Bodine2
3Sarah Stanley
2Christina A. Bormann Chung
2Clarence C. Lee
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Full sequencing of individual human genomes has greatly expanded our understanding of human genetic variation and population history. Here, we present a systematic analysis of 50 human genomes from 11 diverse global populations sequenced at high coverage. Our sample includes 12 individuals who have admixed ancestry and who have varying degrees of recent(More)
  • Michelle C. Swick, Michael A. Evangelista, Truston J. Bodine, Jeremy R. Easton-Marks, Patrick Barth, Minita J. Shah +11 others
  • 2013
Current efforts to understand antibiotic resistance on the whole genome scale tend to focus on known genes even as high throughput sequencing strategies uncover novel mechanisms. To identify genomic variations associated with antibiotic resistance, we employed a modified genome-wide association study; we sequenced genomic DNA from pools of E. coli clinical(More)
Sheth, Vrunda, "Visualization of protein 3D structures in reduced representation with simultaneous display of intra and inter-molecular interactions" (2009). i This thesis is dedicated to my beloved family, to my parents for their never ending encouragement and confidence in me and to my sisters for their motivation and guidance. ii DISSERTATION AUTHOR(More)
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