Vratislav Kafka

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Sialic acid and mucoprotein tyrosine (MPT) as two important and sensitive indicators of blood serum glycoprotein changes were used for the dynamic follow up of the tumor growth in humans. Their determination was performed before and during chemotherapy with the aim to evaluate indirectly the sensitivity or resistance of malignant cell to the clinical(More)
Hydraulic strengthening of bones - i.e. the strengthening effect of the viscous fluid in bones - is discussed and the contradicting results of some researches concerning the existence of hydraulic strengthening are estimated. It is concluded that hydraulic strengthening exists and has an important positive effect upon the mechanical behaviour of bone,(More)
OBJECTIVE Clarification and mesomechanical modeling of the inception of fissures at the surface of articular cartilage. DESIGN Articular cartilage is described as a macroscopically heterogeneous medium consisting of zones - layers - with different orientation of collagen fibers. BACKGROUND Degradation of mechanical properties of cartilage is a serious,(More)
The presented paper is based on the conclusions of the preceding paper (1). On the basis of a general theoretical approach to the mechanics of heterogeneous materials published earlier / (2) , (3) , (4) / macroscopic constitutive equation of trabecular bone is deduced from the description of its microstructure. For the behaviour in physiological limits(More)