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Crystal structure of Bacillus fastidious uricase reveals an unexpected folding of the C-terminus residues crucial for thermostability under physiological conditions " , Appl. Micriobiol. Proteasome inhibitors with pyrazole scaffolds from structure-based virtual screening " , Reaction pathway and free energy barrier for urea elimination in aqueous solution "(More)
Keywords: Customer satisfaction Customer loyalty Airline industry Artificial neural networks SERVPERF a b s t r a c t There is a dearth of studies pertaining to the influence of SERVPERF on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty among low cost and full service airlines. Prior studies have measured service quality using the GAP-5 model with SERVQUAL;(More)
This research paper aims to establish a conceptual framework that links the different dimensions of knowledge management, namely knowledge acquisition , knowledge dissemination and knowledge application, with innovation performance, particularly focusing on technological innovation (i. e. product and process innovation). This study seeks to benefit the top(More)
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